The God of Glorious Variety — 1 Corinthians 11:2-16

Shaun continues the series in Corinthians with Paul’s response to an unknown question about how men and women in the church should appear and act. Just as blank piece of paper cannot show the glory of a white cat sleeping in the snow, discarding the distinction between men and women cannot convey the glory of God’s creation. While we have attached additional societal and cultural weight to the distinction of men and women that doesn’t align with God’s teaching, Paul reinforces that it is correct to make some distinctions but not to promote either men or women above the other. Shaun extends that message to today, and outlines an approach for Christians to work toward celebrating gender distinctions.

Questions for Reflection

  1. What gift or blessing do you elevate over others as the better example of God’s care and favor? How might that hierarchy of blessing lead to either arrogance or shame?
  2. Why are we so quick to assume that distinctions require frameworks of power and subordination?
  3. How does the impulse in question 2 reflect the way we think about God’s view of us?
  4. How could you celebrate distinctions of others in praise of God’s glorious variety?

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