That’s a Dangerous Game–1 Corinthians 10:1 – 11:1

Shaun’s continuation of the series from 1 Corinthians gets to the culmination of this section of Paul’s letter. Here Paul describes why the Corinthian behavior regarding eating meat sacrificed to idols (etc.) is problematic in a way that was common to Old Testament Israelites: it’s easy to mix “Jesus” with the cultural trends of the day, but doing to fails to represent Jesus accurately and masks our actual lack of exclusive devotion to him.

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Questions for reflection:
1. What is it in your life (person, principle, goal, ideal, etc.) that everything else hinges on? What is “ultimate” for you?

2. In what ways do your actions reflect the above answer? Think of some examples.

3. Does your answer to the first question line up with the reality of your actions?

4. Assuming that the answer to the first question identifies what/who you worship, what will you do to either flee the idol that you have set up or to continue to cultivate your worship of the Lord alone?

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