Announcements for 9/17

Here are the announcements and reminders for this week:


1. Prayer: Prayer is in the Conference Room at 8:15am.
2. Sunday School: Sunday School for all ages is at 9:00am. Starting this Sunday there will be two different adult Sunday School class offerings:

“How (not) to Be Secular”: Tim Gustafson and Bob Bondurant will be teaching a class discussing how to live in an age in which, as philosopher Charles Taylor writes, belief in God “is understood to be one option among others, and frequently not the easiest to embrace.” This class will meet in the main worship area.

“The Pastor’s Class”: Shaun will be revisiting our Foundations Classes. This series of classes begins at the beginning of the Christian faith with an introduction to basic Christian beliefs. We then move into next steps in the life of the believer. Eventually we walk our way through skills for growth and major doctrinal building blocks. This is a series of classes that has been taught before so, assuming a smaller group of attendees, we’ll start out meeting in Shaun’s office. 
3. Worship: Worship is at 10:00am. Shaun will be preaching from Exodus 5:1-6:1.
4. Lake Trails Fall Picnic: You’re invited for a time of food and fellowship at the Lake Trails Fall Picnic! The Fall Picnic will be on Saturday, October 14th at noon. We will be meeting at Devil’s Lake State Park at the White Pine/TPA Shelter, which is on the south side of the park. Check the email from Mechelle to see all of the details!
Service Reminders:

Children’s Worship: Tara B. and Emma V.
Communion: Bonnie R.
Greeters: Susan E. and Bonnie R.
Nursery: Peter K. and Debbie B.

Refreshments: Mechelle S.

Upcoming Events:

October 1st – 4:00pm: Resurrection Presbyterian’s Launch Service

October 14th – 12:00pm: Lake Trails Fall Picnic