This Week (4/5)

Good afternoon all. Here are some things to keep in mind this week and in the days to come:

1. If you have signed up to participate in the Seder this Saturday, be sure and contact Jason and Sallie about what you need to bring…unless you already know. Then you can just come…you knew that…
2. Sunday morning prayer is at 8:15. Contact Lee and Laurie if you have any questions.
3. Sunday school is at 9am. The adults will hear from the Gildards, missionaries our congregation supports in France.
4. Worship is at 10am and it’s Palm Sunday! We’ll also begin a new sermon series on different themes present in our celebration of Communion.
5. Following the service we have our April potluck. Here is the link to sign up. During the potluck, be sure to chat with the Gildards. Also be sure and meet Michael and Emma. Michael is the intern who will be joining us this summer.
6. This year during Holy Week we will return to our Good Friday Tenebrae service (7pm here at the church). This is a somber and contemplative service in which we walk through the story of Jesus’ death. With each Scripture reading we extinguish a series of candles as we remember the darkness of Jesus’ suffering and death for our sin. When the service ends, we’ll leave our worship in silence as we wait on the great joy of Easter! I hope you are able to be here with us. For parents, children are always welcome and the cry room will be available. However, you might want to consider whether your children are able to participate in a service like this. It’s quiet and a bit dark so use your discretion. Either way, we love you and we love our kids.
I think that is it for now. I hope to see you this weekend.